Our Approach

This website is mainly created to give you different view to medical billing methods. We are trying to give you complete Revenue Cycle Management in new thought process like Lean methods and Six sigma. .

Our Story

We have over all 17 years of experience in Account Receivable. We worked in AR Management from Associate level to lead level. We are very good at Denial management created many effective SOP and Training programme to the Team. Our team is also become very good in handling this Denials effectively.

But we always have Question inside, is the way we handle Denial right ? How can we improve ? make us to think lot and bring many new thinking to our denial process and billing methods. we are still working to improve our way of work.

We hope Lean and Six sigma implementation in Medical billing will bring new effective way of handling these denials.

Meet the Team

This website is created by Rajesh who has 17 years of experience in Medical billing and Revenue Cycle management. He have certification in Master black belt in Lean six sigma from IIBM. He is very interested in Training and developing his team with new way of thinking.

Rajesh S

Interested in creating knowledgeable Team and passion in Training and developments with Medical billing and RCM.

Check our Blog to get new update on the Lean methods of Denial Handling.